TruMatch® Personalized Solutions



TRUMATCH® Solutions brings a new level of personalized Total Knee Replacement surgery to your Patient. It is based on the proven philosophy of mechanical alignment, with the customized instrumentation and computer software system designed to aid in knee implant positioning and procedure efficiency. TRUMATCH Solutions helps reduce costs by decreasing OR time by up to 35 minutes. Procedures require less instrumentation and eliminate up to nine surgical steps compared to total knee replacement performed without TRUMATCH Solutions.

TRUMATCH Solutions is also the first system to utilize CT scans and computer software to guide the development and production of femoral and tibial cutting blocks that are individually prepared to match the actual bone surfaces of each patient. The instruments are individually shaped to fit bone and provide key surgical cuts based on the patient’s mechanical alignment.

The use of CT scans, rather than MRIs, results in improved bone imaging, less scanning time and lower costs.

TruMatch Solutions is cleared for use with the SIGMA® Fixed-Bearing Knee System, a system that has been provided for nearly 1 million patients. Now you can bring a new level of personalization and efficiency of total knee replacement with a proven implant that results in excellent pain relief, improved range of motion and better function for the knee.

A patient wanting a knee replacement can now get the knee cut in such a way, that the new knee (the implant) fits exactly to the bone. With the help of patient-specific cutting blocks, a patient’s joint bone is cut so it is exactly the inside shape of the implant knee and the implant fits like building blocks. With the help of the MRI, a three dimensional image of the joint is transferred to a computer software which marks the bone image at places where it needs to be cut. A block is then made, which when fitted at the joint during surgery, saves all measurements and the bone can be directly sawed through the gap in the block. The drawback is that the technique to make the blocks is available only in the US, so surgeons in india have to send the images there and wait for almost a month before doing the surgery.


    • Reduced surgical steps
    • Fewer standard instruments needed
    • Fewer instrument cases to resterilize
    • Facilitates faster OR turnover



    • Elimination of up to nine steps from the surgical workflow
    • Eliminates the need, and assembly, of the femoral IM rod guide, and sizing guide and the tibial resection guide
    • Based on patient’s mechanical alignment

Wear Resistance

      • 3D plan of the whole leg structure
      • Facilitates proper implant placement and alignment, a key factor in reducing polyethylene wear in total knee replacement
      • Determination of distal femoral and proximal tibial resection levels, varus/valgus alignment, femoral rotation and tibial slope

How Does Tru Match Solution Work?

        • tmimage3
          Step 1

          A CT scan is taken of your leg at your local hospital or image center.

        • tmimage5
          Step 3

          The structure of your knee is analyzed and your personalized guides are created.

        • tmimage4
          Step 2

          The image is sent to DePuy Orthopaedics where a special team works with your surgeon to develop a 3-D model of your knee.

        • tmimage6
          Step 4

          Your guides are delivered to your surgeon the day of your surgery to help position and place your new knee implant. The guides are removed prior to your new knee being implanted.