JOURNEY II CR the latest launch designed to be the first kinematically correct TKA on the market.

The JOURNEY II allows:

  • Squatting
  • Kneeling
  • Gardening
  • Carrying Heavy objects
  • Golf
  • Racquet sports
  • Dancing

For Orthopedic surgeons seeking treatment solutions beyond traditional knee replacement, JOURNEY II stabilized has been engineered to empower patients with a renewed right to an active lifestyle by breaking through traditional knee replacement barriers and delivers unmatched function, motion and durability through physiological matching technology.

JOURNEY II Bi-Cruciate Stabilised Knee System has been specifically designed through proprietary simulation software (LifeModeler) to address the rapidly changing demands of the modern orthopaedic marketplace. With the lack of satisfaction behind the performance of conventional total knee replacements and the growing number of active, informed patients, JOURNEY™ II BCS seeks to bridge the gap of improving patient satisfaction and implant longevity through function, motion and durability.

«Design a knee prosthesis that resembles the normal native knee, and restores natural knee function, enabling TKA patients to perform and feel better»



  • Anatomic, articular surfaces are designed to restore native anatomy and yield a normal anatomic A/P position throughout the range of motion.


  • More normal muscle firing patterns are expected due to the proper A/P positioning, thereby preventing muscle fatigue during activities of daily living.

Satisfaction (Proprioception)

  • Improving patient’s ease of activities of daily living can be expected due to the anticipated improvements of strength and stability

Patellofemoral (PF) Kinematics

  • The kinematic pattern in the PF joint is critically important to decrease anterior knee pain post operatively provides improved contact which improves wear & provides improved patella tracking.


  • The normal kinematic patterns of movement provide the correct environment to allow an anatomic, deep flexion performance.
  • Engineered to provide for up to 155 degree of flexion, allowing squatting, sitting cross-legged


  • Combining the award-winning materials of OXINIUM oxidized Zirconium and highly cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE), VERILAST technology a highly durable and long-lasting material combination with proven 30 year wear performance.

Metal Sensitivity 

  • JOURNEY II made of OXINIUM oxidized Zirconium, addresses the needs of nickle-sensitive patients by having no measureable nickle content.